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Savannah Design Studio

Trendsetters! ♥

I have some amazing, one of a kind jewelry that you MUST check out!

Savannah Design Studio is based out of Eugene, Oregon and creates some breathtaking jewelry! Below are some of their designs:



Head on over to to check out their inventory and give them a follow on their Instagram:

Just for your Trendsetters, get 10% off your purchase by entering in the code “Trendsetter”

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#PennywiseApproved: ThredUp

Hello, my dear Trendsetters! ♥

I have a new #PennywiseApproved resource to share with you!


This website is an amazing #PennywiseApproved way of getting the high-end couture fashion at a #PennywisePrice.

You can either shop their amazing deals or you can contribute to their online stock and get cash back for the items you send in.

I must mention that the payout from ThredUp isn’t going to be what you could get if you took your clothes to your local consignment store or consigned through me, but it’s a fast, easy and convenient way to get rid of clothes and get some cash. They have a payout estimator on their website which will give you an idea of how much you should expect to get for an item similar to yours. They are always looking for maternity and plus size clothing. Their website reports that they have 500 people working on processing bags 6 days a week! That’s a lot of clothes to go through! You can request a kit at no cost on their website. If you would like for clothes that are turned away to be returned to you, they will deduct the cost of shipping from the total amount that they will offer you for the clothes that they accepted.

Here is my invite link:

By registering for an account using the link above, you get $10 credited to your account to spend on your first order!

If you decide to try out ThredUp, please let me know what you think! As usual, you can use the hashtag #PennywiseforyourThoughts

xoxo, Natasha


Gift Certificates! Give the gift of style

Wednesday, 8/22/2018:



Buy your loved one the gift of savings and style! 

Mix and match between 4 different gift certificates:

  1. ONE HOUR personalized style consultation. Perhaps you just need some quick tips on how to accessorize or dress for your body type? Or maybe you want to know the what is currently trending, how to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe and where to find it? This gift certificate is perfect for you! Get a taste of being a Trendsetter!
  2. ONE HOUR of closet wardrobe analysis. This would be the start of going through your closet to start getting rid of clothes that you no longer need and to start the inventory process. This may or may not include consignment services, as that comes with an additional flat fee.
  3. ONE HOUR of personal shopping services! We can schedule a time to hit the stores together and go shopping on a planned budget. Have a special occasion in mind or just wanting to see the Pennywise magic at work? This gift certificate will work it’s magic either way!
  4. ONE HOUR of rewards and savings program education. I will analyze your shopping habits and where you can fit in savings the most. I will recommend the best rewards programs to join to maximize your savings.

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For pricing of all four gift certificates or each individually, please email me at or send me a message on this website. You can also visit my Facebook and other social media outlets to get a hold of me! @PennywiseTrend PennywiseTrendsetter

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Tuesday, 7/17/2018:

Today, I would like to discuss a little bit more of a serious topic. It comes from a recent personal experience that I would like to share with you.

I am, always have been and always will be. a little extra. ♥

My friends and family know this; I like to dress up for very casual situations, I love to wear a pair of heels with everything and even dressed down I kind of look like I’m dressed up. This is me. I have always been daring in my fashion choices and have never made any apologies for it.

A fairly new friend and I have been hanging out a little bit more than usual. She’s going through a tough break up and I am helping her. I’ve recently been noticing little comments here and there about how I’m dressed. At first, I thought they were nothing, just joking remarks and ignored them. But then, I realized that these joking remarks weren’t so joking after all. I was on my out of my house to go pick her up to drive to the store, and she texts me:

“Can I say one thing now and know that I love you and you are sexy gorgeous smart witty all of the above but we are going to dress like it’s a normal Sunday not nightclub correct?”

“Please don’t misineterpret it’s not my intention to try to tell you what to do or where if it makes you happy rocket.”

Now, I had to stop and think back on what outfit I recently wore around her that she could be referencing to as ‘nightclub attire’. We went out to the bar a little bit ago and before I came over she asked me if I was dressed up, to which I replied yes. She asked if I was in a skirt and I answered yes. It took her longer to get dressed then we actually spent at the bar and she ended up wearing the leopard print UNIF shawl that I brought with me without asking. The day before I wore a Free People dress that exposed my whole back, maybe that dress?

“Haha I’m in a dress. And why can’t I dress like I’m going to the club?” I replied, a little taken aback that we were actually having this conversation.

“Cuz sometimes it’s a little much”

“Friends tell friends the truth right” (This comment based off of a conversation we had the night before, were friends have to make the tough calls everyonce and a while and tell each other the truth no matter how much it hurts)

Never, ever, let someone else’s opinions dim your shine. 

If you feel beautiful in something, regardless of what anyone says, wear it. Own it. You have to answer to yourself at the end of the day and no one else.

For some reason, society has made girls go after each other on the way we dress. Ladies, we cannot be jealous of each other and we cannot let our insecurities get the best of us. We need to love each other, regardless of whether we are a bit too much or a bit too little. We have to support each other, because no one else will if we don’t.

As for me, I’m going to keep on being a little too much, because that’s what I was born to do!

XOXO, Natasha 🙂