#PoppinTags Pennywise style

Thursday 7/12/2018:

⇒My most recent savings⇐

VS Slip dress 7-12-18

  • This gorgeous $68 Floral slip dress is very reminiscent of a couple of different For Love and Lemons dresses available on Amazon, like the ones below:

For love and lemons 7-13-18

(both of which come with a price tag that is much more than the Victoria’s Secret $68, although style wise they are comparable)

I love lace! I think it is extremely sexy. The little bits of skin peering through the fabric is very appealing to the eye. Using this well-known appeal, I will bring sexy back, one little black lace dress at a time. (Not that sexy ever left anywhere. Suck it, Justin.) I digress.

Even though $68 is a much better deal than the $275 or $96 price tags the dresses above carry, I know I can do waaay better than that. Anyone wanna guess my total?………

Now first, with taxes, shipping and handling, this dress would have cost around $75 to $80, depending on the shipping deal that Victoria’s Secret had that day. 

Pennywise Price:

VS Payment total 7-13-18

And the crowd goes wild!!! *Cheering ensues*

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Feel free to give me a call to start you on your Pennywise journey ♥

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