Low-Key Obsession for Spring/Summer 2018:

Note: I had to take my original posts and edit them, so the publish date is incorrect. The actual date I wrote this post is below, highlighted in green.

Saturday, 6/16/2018

What I love about fashion, is that nothing is ever definite. What is currently popular is not necessarily going to be popular in 3 months time, but then again, can never be dismissed completely. Some styles come back with a vengeance- bell bottom jeans, high waisted pants, crop tops; others never really go out of style – little black dresses, a sleek pair of pumps paired with jeans, oversized Chanel sunglasses. I am currently loving the classy animal print that is all the rage right now. My feet are feeling some sort of way looking at these shoes:

Leopard Studded Pumps VC
Photo by la_fuerte on Poshmark, Vince Camuto Heels

Dark Grey Leopard VC
Photo by Lorenabosquez on Poshmark, Vince Camuto Heels

DSW Madeline Adonis Wedge Sandal

Photo courtesy DSW, Madeline Adonis Wedge Sandal

If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t much of a variety of “animal print” here, it’s exclusively leopard/cheetah print. I’ve always had a soft spot for the leopard/cheetah print, way, way, way before it was popular and let me tell ya, it was hard to find in such a classy style. It usually came in this overly fake, too big spots style that looked tacky to me. But it’s all I had to work with, so work with it I did.

Do you have a favorite animal print? How do you feel towards the leopard/cheetah print trend? I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts! Let me know on here, Twitter or Facebook using #PennywiseForMyThoughts

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