What services do you provide? is a question I get often.

I feel like an easier question would be, What services don’t I provide?
When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing that I won’t do!
My services are always evolving and growing to help provide you the best Trendsetter experience possible.
The very first thing I like to do is sit down and have a talk with you. Over a nice cup of coffee (or a dirty martini!) we can discuss your personalized ‘Trendsetter experience.
 Each Trendsetter experience will be unique and specifically catered to your needs.
We may start re-organizing your closet and end up shopping together every Thursday for the next month. If it has to do with fashion, I am extremely knowledgeable and have a killer instinct, so I try not to limit myself to the services that I am able to provide.
Some of the services I have completed:
📷 Create a dream wardrobe and a plan and budget of how to attain it
📷 Shopping with you while disclosing tips & tricks to get the best deal
📷 Shopping on your behalf, finding you unique accessories and clothing to fit your style, after all, you are the Trendsetter here!
📷 Consignment services (How many personal shoppers can help you earn cash?) Please visit the consignment tab for more information
📷 Wardrobe and style analysis
📷 Style consultations; helping you understand how to dress for your body type and what is most flattering for you individually
📷 Specific clothing/accessory search; through networking and extremely diligent research, I am confident I will be able to locate your ‘diamond in the rough
📷Store reward programs/credit cards/coupon organization & education
📷Reorganizing and rejuvenating your closet and all its current contents (clothing, shoes & accessories), creating an inventory so you can keep track of all the clothes that you have and may not need
📷Updating you on the latest fashion trends and if you are not particularly interested in them, cultivating your ability to become a Trendsetter, not a trend follower

‘What do you mean by ‘finding my diamond in the rough’?

Is there a certain purse or pair of shoes that you have had your eye on and would like for me to find? Hire me to find your diamond in the rough! I will put out an “All Points Bulletin” to my partnering Consignment stores and go through my trusted inventory of reliable websites that sell authentic, high couture items to try and locate your beloved item. And at a Pennywise price, of course! ¢

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